A simple but effective website Just 300€*

This is a full graphic design and IT service. We can take care of the domain registration, website hosting, and of course, the design and development of your website, which will be tailored to your companies corporate identity and branding.

The look and style of your beautiful new website will adopt your business's existing corporate identity and branding. We can also help to create a new corporate and brand identity if you should require that.

You simply supply the content, photos, and your logo (by email, CD, USB stick, etc.) and we will take care of everything else. No hassle, no worries!

Choose a cost-effective 'template design', to get online quickly. Great for websites needing three to 10 pages.

If your business is more specialised, possibly requiring a website with many pages, then a 'bespoke website' might be the best solution for you.

Whatever solution you choose, it will be branded with your corporate colours, images, logo, and visual identity.

Your new website will be a fully 'responsive' design. Responsive websites offer the best display for every size of device from a smartphone phone to a desktop pc.

We will optimise your website for the various search engines to give your website the best chance possible to be found by your customers.

We submit your website URL (link) to Google, Yahoo, and also the many other popular search engines that people use.

A full 'Business Website' is more likely to be found than a single 'Business Profile' page (which we also offer).

If you choose a 'Sticky Business Listing', you will also benefit from our added value 'Premium Marketing Service', where we will share your website link when people are looking for your products or services.

We can assist with domain name strategy and the registration process. Choosing the correct type of domain name is important in France. We will guide you through all of the options.

We can also offer various excellent value website hosting options. Prices vary depending upon the type of hosting that you may require.

The scope of what we can offer goes well beyond the brief introduction provided above. Therefore, we suggest contacting us to discuss your project in more detail.

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*A simple, but effective website for just 300€ !!!

This would be a template website with a 'Home' page, 'About' or 'Services' page, and a 'Contact' page. It will include your logo, several images, and your wording. It will be branded in your business's corporate colours.

It is an excellent solution for an Auto Entrepreneur and a cost-effective way to get your business online quickly. 300€ is for the website design and development only. We also offer value hosting to get you launched.