It's very Cost-effective and hosted for free!

A 'Business Profile' page is the perfect solution for your business if you do not have a website to link to from your 'Enhanced Listing' or a 'Sticky Top Listing'.

It is a single-page website, which provides an overview of your business on one convenient web page for your customers to learn everything about your business.

A Business Profile page is also a cost-effective way to get your business online quickly, so your customers can start to find you. You simply supply the wording, photos, your logo, and we take care of everything else. It's that simple.

We will host your Business Profile page here on - it's FREE!

It's your web page, so there will be NO intrusive advertising or Dordogne Online branding.

Just tell us what you want to say, and we will take care of the rest, no design or coding skills are required.

We will provide you with a unique URL (web page link). You can add it to your emails and share it on social media.

We submit your web page URL to Google and the many other popular search engines that are used.

We optimise your web page's keywords and key phrases for the various search engines. Please be aware though that a single web page will not always outperform a very large website containing lots of keywords and phrases.

If you choose a 'Sticky Business Listing', you will also benefit from our added value 'Premium Marketing Service', where we will share your website link when people are looking for your products or services.

This is a cost-effective and very quick solution to make your Business Profile live.

If you already have a web site

Having an additional 'Business Profile' page to link to provides an excellent opportunity for customers to learn everything about your business on one convenient web page, without having to leave the Business Directory.

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*A simple, but effective website for just 300€ !!!

This would be a template website with a 'Home' page, 'About' or 'Services' page, and a 'Contact' page. It will include your logo, several images, and your wording. It will be branded in your business's corporate colours.

It is an excellent solution for an Auto Entrepreneur and a cost-effective way to get your business online quickly. 300€ is for the website design and development only. We also offer value hosting to get you launched.