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The premier online business directory for English-speaking businesses covering Dordogne

If you're looking for English-speaking businesses covering Dordogne, you've come to the right place. Dordogne Online is the most comprehensive online business directory covering the four Périgord regions. Our business directory features a wide range of businesses, from trades services like plumbers and electricians to professional services like lawyers and dentists, as well as popular regular services such as gite booking agencies and talented artisans who sell their products online.

Discover the wide range of English-speaking businesses listed on Dordogne Online

Dordogne Online features four main types of business areas: trades services, professional services, regular services, and products. Whatever type of English-speaking businesses you're looking for, you can be sure to find them on Dordogne Online.

Our commitment to promoting English-speaking businesses actually located in Dordogne

Before we created Dordogne Online, we conducted extensive research into other Dordogne business directories and found that many of the businesses featured, whilst covering Dordogne, were not actually based in Dordogne. While we do feature some businesses that cover the Dordogne region but are not based in Dordogne, our primary focus is on businesses that are actually located in Dordogne.

We try to keep English-speaking businesses that are not located in Dordogne to a small percentage. If a particular category of business is underrepresented in Dordogne, we may feature English-speaking businesses that are located outside the region but still cover Dordogne.

We're committed to promoting English-speaking businesses in Dordogne and helping English-speaking customers find the services and products they need. That's why we've created the premier online business directory for English-speaking businesses serving Dordogne.

What are the most frequently requested English-speaking businesses?


Regular Service Providers

Professional Service Providers

Retailers and Manufacturers

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